We bring a wealth of business experience to help you get your business back on track in these times of change...

Without wishing to dwell on the Covid 19 crisis, there is no doubt that this has had a significant impact on a large number of businesses of all sizes and left some wondering just how relevant their offering is in this changed environment.


Many are finding that their existing business model has been disrupted, maybe even obliterated altogether, and this doesn't just apply to large corporate structures but family - owned businesses as well.


There is now a lot of narrative about ‘pivoting your business model’, or trying to find a market positioning that is relevant or in some cases, just to survive.

Our own business situation is no different. We have always worked, face to face with clients to help them get their business ‘sale - ready’ so that they were able to unlock the


wealth they have created in the business and eventually sell for a higher price.


However, we also recognised that we needed to take a fresh look at our business model to see what we could do differently in this changing market to ensure we also had a future.


To that end we have ‘pivoted’ our business to a fully on-line model consisting of high - quality, video-training courses where business owners can quickly and affordably put their business under the microscope, explore their opportunities and develop a new Business Positioning Strategy and seize an advantage to drive their future growth if not their actual survival.


You can enrol right now for our 12 module workshop and get underway with your team to make your ‘pivot’ a reality.

Testimonial from James Russ Lighting

"I had been producing my lighting designs for several years but needed a fresh approach to take these and my business to the next level. I decided to enlist the assistance of The Business Exit Company who took a visionary view of my design work, strategised a way to improve my brand identity and streamline fundamental business processes. Their approach was a catalyst for my small NZ design business transitioning into a world-renowned art brand. There is still huge potential in what we are developing and the skills attained from the Business Positioning Worksheet we did make this transition a much more enjoyable and lucrative journey”.



Capital Signs.jpg

‘We undertook the Business Positioning Workshop with Dean and Bruce from The

Business Exit Co and are extremely satisfied with the outcome.

The process helped us to re-focus on our primary market opportunities and as a result we

have had a significant increase in business activity.

We found the whole process very thought provoking and would highly recommend the workshop to all other business owners.’


Testimonial from Capitol Signs