• Dean Ruscoe

You Stage your Home For Sale, Why not Stage your Business For Sale?

Take a moment to think about the preparation involved in putting your home on the market.

You want to make the very best impression you can on any prospective purchaser from the moment that they first see your home.

You're working to present the property in the best possible light.

Maybe you've had a real estate agent call and take a look at your home. The agent, with their years of experience selling homes like your home, will leave you with a list of things that they believe need to be completed to present your home in the best possible light to potential purchasers.

Aside from ensuring that your home is clean, windows sparkling, cobwebs dusted away, lawns mowed; the agent may also suggest other things such as:

Tidying up the garden;

Waterblasting the concrete driveway;

Putting a fresh coat of paint on the front door and getting a new 'welcome' mat;

Perhaps the living areas may need decluttering; and

The agent might even suggest that the entire inside of your home be 'staged' for sale.

A number of years ago, staging a home for sale was not part of our vocabulary--today it seems almost a natural occurrence to stage a home for sale.

Staging enables prospective purchasers to see themselves living in your home. It takes your home to the top of the selling pile, drastically reduces your time on the market and makes it easier to obtain your dream-selling price for your home.

At The Business Exit Company, we like to think of our service somewhat like staging a residential property for sale, except we 'stage' your business.

We make it possible for potential purchasers of your business to see themselves at the helm of your business.

We do this by putting the 10 most important aspects of your business under the microscope, these are: Governance, Organisational Structure, Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Health and Safety, Operations and Technology. This process enables us to tidy-up any areas which may otherwise come under scrutiny from a potential purchaser.

We will also document the primary systems and procedures in our cloud-based Business Systems Manual to provide a complete overview of the running of the business. This alone can add significant value to the business and greatly reduce the time needed to spend supporting the new owner.

So, if you would like to know more about how we can assist you to prepare your business for sale, just click this link and book a FREE, no-obligation 15 minute phone call in our calendar at a time that suits you to discuss.

To your business sale success.