• Dean Ruscoe

Looking to sell your business? Here's why you need your business systems & procedures documented

It’s a sad situation when a business owner goes to sell their business and finds out after putting in many years of hard work, that their business is not worth anywhere near what they hoped.

The problem is that they ARE the business and without them there is no real business to sell.

In cases like this it becomes more difficult to get a sale price which is beyond the value of their stock and maybe a small, nominal amount for “good will”.

In a recent article published by Xero, their research indicated that those businesses with well-documented systems and processes are easier to sell and can sell for a premium price compared to those that have no written systems.

There are numerous benefits to implementing systems in your business. Here are some of the most important:

It builds a valuable asset. It’s nice if your business gives you a great cashflow to fund your lifestyle. But wouldn’t it be fabulous if one day when you decided it was time, you could sell your business and have the biggest pay day of your life?

You can only do this if you build the value of the business and that can only happen if it is a system that can continue running without you.

Leverage and scalability. Systems give your business the ability to expand. You can replicate your business in other geographic areas yourself or by franchising or licensing the rights to your business system. This provides a great opportunity for an incoming purchaser.

Consistency. Consistency is one of the keys to delivering an excellent customer experience. You may not like the food at McDonalds but one thing you can say about them is that wherever you go they deliver a very consistent experience.

Lower labour costs. When you and your staff don’t have to waste time and effort re-inventing the wheel each time, this improves your efficiency and reduces your labour and retraining costs.

More attractive to potential purchasers. A well documented business can add real real value for an incoming purchaser. This allows a new owner to step in and start running the business from day one and not have to spend valuable time attempting to extract knowledge from the previous owners head.

Shorter handover. Once a systemised business is sold, the former business owner (you) can step out of the business sooner.

Sometimes when you’re selling a business, the new owner wants the seller to remain on the scene for many months to ensure a smooth handover. Having everything documented minimises that time.

Are you looking to sell your nest-egg but are concerned that you don't have well-documented systems and processes?

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