• dean7931

Is now the time to put your current brand strategy under the microscope?

You don’t need me to tell you that we are operating in a different business environment to that of just 18 months ago. Covid 19 has impacted most business to a greater or lesser extent.

Many are finding that their existing business model has been disrupted, maybe even obliterated altogether, and this doesn't just apply to large corporate structures but family - owned businesses as well.

There is now a lot of narrative about ‘pivoting your business model’, or trying to find a market positioning that is relevant or in some cases, just to survive.

Our own business situation is no different. We have always worked, face to face with clients to help them get their business ‘sale - ready’ so that they were able to unlock the

wealth they have created in the business and eventually sell for a higher price.

However, we also recognised that we needed to take a fresh look at our business model to see what we could do differently in this changing market to ensure we also had a future.

To that end we have ‘pivoted’ our business to a fully on-line model consisting of high - quality, video-training courses where business owners can quickly and affordably put their business under the microscope, explore their opportunities and develop a new Business Positioning Strategy and seize an advantage to drive their future growth if not their actual survival.

And this is not just for business owners who are looking to sell in the medium to longer term and wish to get back on track, but also for all SME owners who are looking to kick-start their business and make sure that they are fully aligned with market expectations and future opportunities.

You can enrol right now for our 12 module workshop and get underway with your team to make your ‘pivot’ a reality. Plus, you will be able to take advantage of our special introductory price available until the end of September 2021