• Dean Ruscoe

Have you decided to retire but are concerned that your business is not in the best shape to sell?

Does this situation sound familiar?

Are you concerned that you don't have your business systems up to scratch or that you have not positioned your business to maximise your sales potential? If your answer is yes, you are not alone.

Many Kiwi business-owners are in the same situation, which means:

· They are unlikely to get the best sale price for their businesses;

· Their standard of living in retirement may suffer as a result;

· The buyer may have a harder time making sure the business continues to succeed.

I know what this is like, as in the past I have been involved with companies who have not prepared their business for sale correctly. As a result, those business owners failed to maximise their selling opportunity.

As a Business Owner looking to reap the rewards for your years of hard work, the result of a poor selling price can be devastating. It restricts the goals you have set for yourself in your retirement...travel, holiday home, money to help your family and so on...

Realising that things needed to be done differently, I believed there was an opportunity to set up a new programme specifically to assist owners get their businesses sale-ready and maximise their sale opportunity. This company is called The Business Exit Company Ltd.

At The Business Exit Company, we cover all aspects of your business. Using our proven Ten Stage Exit Programme, we put up to 100 individual parts of your business under the microscope. We look to improve each offering to make your business more valuable and more attractive to prospective purchasers.

These Ten Stages cover; Governance, Organisational Structure, Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Health and Safety, Operations and Technology.

In addition, as part of our programme, we will document your primary business systems and procedures and make them available online for use by a new purchaser. This added benefit alone can significantly improve the saleability of your business and reduce the time you need to spend in the business with the new owner, once it has been sold.

It costs nothing to talk to us about your situation, in total confidence. If you need help with getting your business ready for sale or with developing an Exit Strategy, book a no-obligation 15 minute phone call in our calendar at a time that suits you, so that you are fully prepared when it comes time to sell.

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To your business sale success