• Dean Ruscoe


The Government has signalled the likelihood of New Zealand businesses being subject to a Capital Gains Tax from April 2021. There has certainly been a chorus of concerns from the business sector ranging from the impact on productivity, the destruction of shareholder value and the likely impact this will have on Business Owners' retirement plans.

Although at this stage this new tax on businesses is not set in concrete, we are receiving calls from concerned owners who have decided to take the opportunity to investigate selling before the proposed date for the CGT.

If you are also considering selling before 2021 but need help to get your nest-egg fully sale-ready, so that you not only maximise your selling price, but also get yourself closer to the front of queue to sell--which has suddenly become somewhat longer--you need to talk to us.

At The Business Exit Company Ltd we work with business owners to get their businesses up to scratch so they can achieve their dream selling price….think of our service as being similar to staging your home for sale so that it looks its best for prospective purchasers, except we do that with your business.

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