• Dean Ruscoe

13 Commandments of Business Success *

  1. Know what you’re aiming for. If you don’t have a vision of the future its harder to execute in the now.

  2. Things change. Embrace them. Technology is moving faster than ever. Don’t hold on to things that used to work but no longer get results.

  3. Have a beginners mind. The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing.

  4. If you're scared of investing in yourself and growth, business isn’t for you. Get a job.

  5. Be bold. But only outrageous if its natural. Don't seek attention for attentions sake.

  6. Speak to one human. While you and your brand can reach the masses more easily than ever, if its the wrong people you will fail.

  7. You can’t out market a bad product. Unless you have market fit, all the marketing in the world won’t be effective. Often a bad product isn’t bad, just badly presented.

  8. Dont do anything you can’t track results for. If you don’t know your numbers find them out.

  9. Think long term, act short term.

  10. Limit your greed. Businesses eat cash. The more cash you put back in short term, the more cash you will ultimately yield long term.

  11. Lead, don't follow. Ignore your competition. You will end up looking the same as them to conform.

  12. Make your processes boring, while making your business interesting. While you think you might know better, stick to processes repeatedly.

  13. Get out as soon as you can. Remove yourself from the day to day as soon as possible. Entrepreneurs get bored easily and break stuff when they do.

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*Thanks to James Kemp, Authority Architecture.